List packages and versions available in "mocaccino-community" repository

To enable mocaccino-community create /etc/luet/repos.conf.d/mocaccino-community.yaml with the following:

    name: "mocaccino-community"
    type: "docker"
    enable: true
    - ""
Name Category Version
Name Category Version
AOMediaCodecs libs 0.10.1+4
Config-Simple libs 4.590.0-r2+3
File-ReadBackwards libs 1.60.0+3
Gtk2 libs 1.249.930+2
LuaBitOp libs 1.0.2-r1
MIME-tools libs 5.510.0-r1
Pango libs 1.227.0-r2+1
Path-Tiny libs 0.144.0+1
R apps 4.3.1
Switch libs 2.170.0-r1+3
Template-Toolkit libs 3.101.0+1
Text-Autoformat libs 1.750.0+3
Text-CSV libs 2.30.0
Text-Reform libs 1.200.0-r2+2
XML-LibXML libs 2.20.900
abiword apps 3.0.5+15
abseil-cpp libs 20230125.2
alacritty apps 0.12.2
allegro libs
alligator apps 23.08.3
amberol apps 0.9.2+19
amsynth apps 1.13.2
analitza libs 23.08.3
android-tools apps 34.0.1
ant-core apps 1.10.9-r5
apcupsd apps 3.14.14-r3+3
appdirs libs 1.4.4-r3
ardour apps 8.1
argouml apps 0.34-r1
argtable libs 2.13-r4
argyllcms apps 2.1.2-r3+1
asio libs 1.28.0
asm libs 9.6
astyle apps 3.1-r2+2
async-timeout libs 4.0.3
aubio libs 0.4.9-r2+3
audacious apps 4.3.1+1
audacity apps 3.2.5-r1+2
avalonia-ilspy apps 7.2_rc-r1
avidemux apps 2.8.1+2
ayatana libs 0.9.3
b5i2iso apps 0.2-r2
babl libs 0.1.106
bat apps 0.23.0-r1
bchunk apps 1.2.2-r1
billardgl apps 1.75-r2
bin2iso apps 19b-r3
bind-tools apps 9.16.42
bleachbit apps 4.4.2-r1
blender apps 3.6.5+8
bluefish apps 2.2.13
botan libs 3.1.1
bottom apps 0.9.6
brasero apps 3.12.3
brave apps 1.50.114
breeze-plymouth libs 5.27.9
brother-dcp1610w-bin-brscan4 apps 1.0-r1
brother-scan4-bin apps 0.4.10-r2
build libs 1.0.3
c-blosc libs 1.21.5
cachecontrol libs 0.13.1
cairo-clock apps 0.3.4-r2+1
cairo-dock apps 3.4.1+2
calligra apps 3.2.1-r8+6
calligraplan apps 3.3.0+3
cantor apps 23.08.3
cartridges apps 2.3
cascadia-code fonts 2111.01
ccd2iso apps 0.3-r1
cdemu apps 3.2.5+5
cdrdao apps 1.2.5
celestia apps 1.7.0_pre20221215+1
celluloid apps 0.21-r1+1
cfitsio libs 4.0.0+2
cfortran apps 20110621+4
cgroup-utils apps 0.8-r1+1
chemtool apps 1.6.14-r1
chrome-binary-plugins libs 119.0.6045.159
clamav apps 1.1.0
clamtk apps 6.16+1
clementine apps 1.4.0_rc2-r3+4
cmt-plugins libs 1.17-r1+2
cmus apps 2.10.0-r1+2
coin libs 4.0.0+3
collada-dom libs 2.5.0-r1
colorama libs 0.4.6+1
colord-kde apps 23.08.3
compface libs 1.5.2
conky apps 1.19.2-r1+1
converseen apps
cool-retro-term apps 1.2.0
coquillo apps 2.0.1
cpu-x apps 5.0.2
cssselect libs 1.2.0+1
cuetools apps 1.4.1-r1
culmus fonts 0.120-r6+2
curses-hexedit apps 0.9.7-r1
darktable apps 4.2.1+3
dcmtk libs 3.6.7-r1+4
dcraw apps 9.28.0-r2+2
deadbeef apps 1.9.5-r3
deluge apps 2.1.1-r4
designer apps 5.15.11
devil libs 1.7.8-r6
dia apps 0.97.3-r1+6
diff-pdf apps 0.5.1+1
diffpdf apps 2.1.3-r2
diffuse apps 0.8.2
digikam apps 8.1.0-r1+2
displaycal-py3 apps 3.9.10-r2
distrobox apps
docker-tools apps 0.2+5
dolphin-plugins-git apps 23.08.3
dosbox apps 0.75_pre4302
dotnet-common apps 0.5
dotnet-runtime-nugets-7 apps 7.0.14+1
dotnet-runtime-nugets-8 apps 8.0.0+1
dotnet-sdk-6 apps 6.0.417+1
dotnet-sdk-7 apps 7.0.404+1
dotnet-sdk-8 apps 8.0.100+1
doxygen apps 1.9.6+2
drawio-desktop-bin apps 21.6.8
dssi libs 1.1.1-r2
dtach apps 0.9-r1
dumb libs 2.0.3+2
dvd-rw-tools apps 7.1-r4+4
dvdauthor apps 0.7.2-r2
easytag apps 2.4.3-r5+1
eclipse-ecj apps 4.26
elisa apps 23.08.3
emacs apps 29.1-r5
enet libs 1.3.17
epiphany apps 44.6
epstool apps 3.09+1
erlang apps 26.0
eselect-emacs apps 1.19
ext4magic apps 0.3.2-r1
extreme-tuxracer apps 0.8.2+1
extundelete apps 0.2.4-r2
farstream libs 0.2.9-r1+1
ffmpegthumbs apps 23.08.3
filelight apps 23.08.3
filezilla apps 3.65.0
firejail apps 0.9.72+1
fish apps 3.4.0+1
flacon apps 10.0.0-r1
flann libs 1.9.1-r5+2
flatbuffers libs 23.5.26
fltk libs 1.3.5-r4+6
fluidsynth apps 2.3.3
fluidsynth-dssi libs 1.0.0-r1
foliate apps 2.6.4-r3
font-cursor-misc fonts 1.0.4
fontawesome fonts 5.15.3
fontforge apps 20230101+1
foobillard apps 3.0a-r1+3
foot apps 1.16.2
fotoxx apps 23.70
fpc apps 3.2.2
fraqtive apps 0.4.8-r2
freeipmi libs 1.6.11
freeoffice apps 1068
frei0r-plugins libs 1.8.0+1
ftgl libs 2.1.3_rc5-r1+1
galaxy apps 2.2-r1
game-music-emu libs 0.6.3+1
gaupol apps 1.12
gavl libs 1.4.0-r2+2
gcdemu apps 3.2.6+1
gdal libs 3.7.0
gdl libs 3.40.0+1
geeqie apps 2.1-r1
gegl libs 0.4.46+1
gftp apps 2.9.1b+1
ghc layers 9.0.2-r4+4
ghc buildbase 9.0.2-r4+4
gimp apps 2.10.36
girara libs 0.4.0
gkrellm apps 2.3.11-r4+1
gl2ps libs 1.4.2
glfw libs 3.3.8
glpk libs 5.0-r1
gmime-2 libs 2.6.23-r2+1
gmtp apps 1.3.11-r3+3
gnofract4d apps 4.3_p20221125-r1+1
gnome-games layers 1.2+4
gnome-nettool apps 42.0+1
gnome-shell-frippery apps 44.1
gnome-tweaks apps 40.10-r1
gnuchess apps 6.2.9-r1+1
gnumeric apps 1.12.55+2
gnuplot apps 5.4.8+1
go apps 1.21.4
gocr apps 0.52
goneovim apps 0.6.7+4
google-chrome apps 119.0.6045.159
gopls apps 0.9.5
goverlay apps 0.9.1
gpm libs 1.20.7-r5
graphviz apps 8.1.0+1
greenlet libs 3.0.1
grub-btrfs apps 4.13
gsmartcontrol apps 1.1.4-r1
gst-plugins-libnice libs 0.1.21
gst-plugins-srtp libs 1.20.6
gst-plugins-v4l2 libs 1.20.6
gtk-sunlight apps 0.4.2-r2
gtk2 libs 2.24.33-r3+2
gtkglext libs 1.2.0-r6
gtkmm libs 2.24.5-r1+2
gtksourceviewmm libs 3.18.0-r2
gtkspell apps 3.0.10-r1
gts libs 20121130+3
gupnp-igd libs 1.6.0+2
guvcview apps 2.0.8+1
handbrake apps 1.6.1
hardinfo apps 0.6_alpha_pre20221113
haskell buildbase 0.14+6
haskell layers 0.14+6
hddtemp apps 0.3_beta15-r29+1
hedgewars apps 1.0.2
helm-synthesizer apps 0.9.0-r2
hexchat apps 2.16.1-r1+2
hidapi libs 0.13.1-r1
http-parser libs 2.9.4-r2
httrack apps 3.49.2-r2+2
hugin apps 2022.0.0+16
hwinfo apps 23.2
hwloc apps 2.9.1
i2c-tools apps 4.3
iat apps 0.1.7-r1
icoutils apps 0.32.3+8
id3lib libs 3.8.3-r10
img2pdf apps 0.4.4-r1+1
imwheel apps 1.0.0_pre13_p20100827+1
inconsolata fonts 20140821+3
inconsolata-hellenic fonts 1.19-r1
indilib libs 2.0.3
inkscape apps 1.2.2-r4+3
iptraf-ng apps 1.2.1
isomaster apps 1.3.16
ispc apps 1.21.0
javatoolkit apps 0.6.7+2
javax-inject libs 1-r4+1
jbigkit libs 2.1+1
joe apps 4.6-r2
jsr305 libs 3.0.2-r1
k3b apps 23.08.3
kaffeine-tde apps 14.1.1
kalgebra apps 23.08.3
kapptemplate apps 23.08.3
kate apps 23.08.3
kcdemu apps 0.8.0+1
kcharselect apps 23.08.3
kcoloredit apps 2.0.0_p20171121-r1
kdegames layers 23.08.3+1
kdenlive apps 23.08.3
kdevelop apps 23.08.3
kdiff3 apps 1.10.6
kdocker apps 5.3
keepassxc apps 2.7.6
kget apps 23.08.3
kgpg apps 23.08.3
khronos apps 4.0.1
kid3 apps 3.9.4
kodi apps 20.2-r2
kompare apps 23.08.3
kooha apps 2.2.3
kookbook apps 0.1
krename apps 5.0.2-r1+1
krfb apps 23.08.3
krita apps 5.1.5+5
kruler apps 23.08.3
krusader apps 2.8.0
ksnip apps 1.10.1
kstars apps 3.6.6
ktimetracker apps 5.0.1-r1
ktorrent apps 23.08.3
kvantum apps 1.0.7
kwave apps 23.08.3
labplot apps 2.10.1
ladspa-sdk libs 1.17-r2
lash apps 0.5.4-r5+5
lasi libs 1.1.3+2
latte-dock apps 0.10.77_p20230115
lazarus apps 2.0.12+1
leptonica libs 1.83.1
lib3ds libs 2.0.0_rc1-r1+2
libXaw3d libs 1.6.5
libao libs 1.2.2-r3
libbpf libs 1.2.2
libbs2b libs 3.1.0-r2+2
libcaca libs 0.99_beta19-r11
libcerf libs 1.17
libchamplain libs 0.12.21
libdiscid libs 0.6.4
libdispatch libs 5.8
libdv libs 1.0.0-r4+1
libdvdcss libs 1.4.3+2
libebur128 libs 1.2.6+2
libemf libs 1.0.13+3
libfame libs 0.9.1-r4
libfpx libs 1.3.1_p10+1
libgadu libs 1.12.2-r1+1
libgii libs 0.2+9
libgit2 libs 1.7.1
libgit2-glib apps 1.2.0
libglade libs 2.6.4-r3+4
libgnomecanvas libs 2.30.3-r1+2
libharu libs 2.4.2-r1
libheif libs 1.13.0+2
libircclient libs 1.10+1
libktorrent libs 23.08.3
liblo libs 0.31+1
liblockfile libs 1.17
liblqr libs 0.4.2-r1+1
liblrdf libs 0.6.1-r1+1
libmediainfo libs 23.04
libmikmod libs
libmirage libs 3.2.6+1
libmp4v2 libs 2.1.3-r1
libmypaint libs 1.6.1-r2+2
libnice libs 0.1.21+1
libnova libs 0.16.0+1
libntlm libs 1.6
libofa libs 0.9.3-r3
libopenmpt libs 0.6.6
libprojectm libs 3.1.12
librecad apps 2.2.0
libreoffice apps
libsbsms libs 2.3.0+2
libsfml libs 2.6.0
libshout libs 2.4.6+1
libsidplay libs 2.1.1-r6
libsidplayfp libs 2.5.0
libsoundtouch libs 2.3.2
libspnav libs 0.2.3-r1+2
libsrtp libs 2.4.2+1
libupnpp libs 0.23.0
libvisio libs 0.1.7+7
libxdg-basedir libs 1.2.3+2
libzen libs 0.4.41
lilv libs 0.24.20-r1+1
links apps 2.29+1
linux-wbfs-manager apps 0.1.12
lockfile libs 0.12.2-r3+1
log4cplus libs 2.0.7+2
lollypop apps 1.4.37+1
loudmouth libs 1.5.4+2
lpeg libs 1.0.2-r101+2
lshw apps 02.19.2b_p20220831
lttng-ust libs 2.13.6
lua-5.3 libs 5.3.6-r102
luajit apps 2.1.0_beta3_p20220127-r2+1
luminance-hdr apps
lv2 libs 1.18.10+2
ly apps 0.6.0
lyx apps 2.3.7
lzip libs 1.23
m17n-lib libs 1.8.0
mac libs
mandelbulber apps 2.28-r1
mangohud apps 0.6.9-r1+5
marble apps 23.08.3
mbedtls libs 2.28.5
mc apps 4.8.29
meanwhile libs 1.0.2-r1+1
mediainfo apps 23.04
mediainfo-gui apps 23.04
meld apps 3.22.0-r2+1
mhash libs
milkytracker apps 1.04.00-r1
mirage2iso apps 0.4.2-r1
mixxx apps 2.3.6
mkvtoolnix apps 77.0.0
mlt libs 7.20.0-r1
mono apps
motif libs 2.3.8-r5
mpg123 libs 1.32.3
mpv apps 0.36.0-r1+2
msgpack libs 5.0.0
musescore apps 3.6.2-r1
mxml libs 3.3.1-r1
mypaint apps 2.0.1-r3+1
mypaint-brushes apps 2.0.2-r1
ncdu apps 1.18
neXtaw libs 0.15.1-r5
neovim apps 0.9.4
net-snmp apps 5.9.3-r3+2
netkit-fingerd apps 0.17-r3
neverball apps 1.6.0-r1
nlohmann_json libs 3.11.2-r1
nmap apps 7.94
nmapsi apps 0.5_alpha2-r1
nmon apps 16n
nnn apps 4.9
nomacs apps 3.16.224-r6
nordvpn apps 3.14.2+5
nrg2iso apps 0.4-r3
nss-mdns libs 0.15.1
nut apps 2.8.0-r2+2
nv-codec-headers libs
nwipe apps 0.34
nx apps
obs-studio apps 30.0.0
ocio-oiio libs 6+17
octave apps 7.3.0-r2+5
office-common layerbase 1.0+12
office-common layers 1.0+12
office-common buildbase 1.0+12
okteta apps 0.26.13
onedrive apps 2.4.25
opencv libs 4.8.0-r1+1
openjade apps 1.3.2-r9
openmpi apps 4.1.4-r1+3
openra apps 20231010-r1+2
openrgb apps 0.9
openscenegraph libs 3.6.5-r114+2
openvdb libs 10.0.1+5
opera apps 105.0.4970.13
ossp-uuid libs 1.6.2-r7+1
otter apps 1.0.03
p7zip-ui apps 16.02-r8+2
pandoc apps 3.1.8-r1
paramiko libs 3.3.1
pbr libs 5.11.1+1
pcem apps 17-r2+1
pdfarranger apps 1.10.0
peek apps 1.5.1-r1
perl-Tk libs 804.36.0-r2
physfs libs 3.0.2-r1+2
pidgin apps 2.14.12+3
pidgin-opensteamworks libs 1.7
pidgin-sipe libs 1.25.0-r1+4
pikepdf libs 8.6.0
pip apps 23.3.1
plantuml apps 1.2022.7
plasma-firewall apps 5.27.9
plasma-sdk apps 5.27.9
plib libs 1.8.5-r4
plotutils libs 2.6-r2+3
plymouth-kcm apps 5.27.9
podofo apps 0.9.8-r1+1
polari apps 43.0+1
popcorntime apps 0.4.9
portsmf libs 239
postgresql apps 16.1
powerpanel apps 1.4.1-r1+1
protobuf-c libs 1.4.1-r1
proton-ge-custom-bin apps 7.48
pstoedit apps 3.75+2
ptex libs 2.4.2
pulseaudio-qt apps 1.3-r3
putty apps 0.78
pychromecast libs 13.0.7+1
pycodestyle apps 2.11.1
pygame libs 2.5.2
pynacl libs 1.5.0-r3+1
pysol_cards libs 0.14.3+2
pystring libs 1.1.3-r1+2
python-deprecation libs 2.1.0-r1
python-distutils-extra libs 2.47+2
python-msgpack libs 1.0.7+1
q4wine apps 1.3.13+1
qcad apps
qcustomplot libs 2.0.1+1
qdevicemonitor apps 1.0.1-r2+2
qhexedit2 apps 0.8.9_p20210525-r2+2
qhull libs 2020.2-r3
qjackctl apps 0.9.12
qjoypad apps 4.3.1
qscintilla libs 2.14.1
qsynth apps 0.9.12
qtox apps 1.17.6-r1+5
qtpy libs 2.3.1+1
qtractor apps 0.9.35
quassel apps 0.14.0-r1
quazip libs 1.3-r2+1
qutebrowser apps 3.0.2
qxlsx libs 1.4.6
random2 libs 1.0.1-r2+2
rapidjson libs 1.1.0-r4
raptor libs 2.0.15-r8+1
rawtherapee apps 5.9-r3
redshift apps 1.12-r10+1
regexxer apps 0.10-r2
remmina apps 1.4.33
rhino apps 1.7.14+1
roboto fonts 2.138+3
robotomono fonts 3.000_pre20200508
robotoslab fonts 2.000_p20210826
rofi apps 1.7.5
rosegarden apps 23.06
rotoscope apps 0.2-r2
rtl-sdr libs 0.6.0_p2020802+1
rubberband libs 3.3.0-r1
scapy apps 2.5.0+1
sci-libs buildbase 0.8+15
sci-libs layerbase 0.8+15
sci-libs layers 0.8+15
scour apps 0.38.2-r1+1
scribus apps 1.5.8-r6+1
sdl libs 0.1+11
sdl2 libs 0.1+11
send2trash libs 1.8.2
serd libs 0.30.16
shntool apps 3.0.10-r3
shortwave apps 3.2.0
simple-scan apps 44.0
simplescreenrecorder apps 0.4.4-r3+1
skanpage apps 23.08.3
skypeforlinux apps
smpeg libs 0.4.4-r12
smpeg2 libs 2.0.0-r4
smplayer apps 23.6.0
snapper-gui apps 220626+4
sndio apps 1.8.0-r1
sofia-sip libs 1.13.9
solaar apps 1.1.9+1
sord libs 0.16.14-r2
soundconverter apps 4.0.3+3
soundkonverter apps 3.0.1-r3
spacenavd apps 0.8+2
sqlcipher apps 4.5.1+2
sqlitebrowser apps 3.12.2+2
sqliteman apps 1.2.2-r5
sratom libs 0.6.14-r1+1
st apps 0.9
stellarium apps 23.3
subtitlecomposer apps 0.7.1-r3
subtitleripper apps 0.3.4-r4
suil libs 0.10.18-r1
sweeper apps 23.08.3
systemdgenie apps 0.99.0_p20221120
t1lib libs 5.1.2-r3+1
tbb libs 2021.9.0
tcsh apps 6.24.01-r1
telepathy-connection-managers libs 2-r2+2
telepathy-farstream libs 0.6.2-r1+1
telepathy-qt libs 0.9.8-r2+1
telepathy-rakia libs 0.8.0-r1+2
term-libs layers 0.1+7
term-libs buildbase 0.1+7
terminatorx apps 4.2.0+2
tesseract apps 5.3.0
testdisk apps 7.1-r2
texcm-ttf fonts 1.0
timeshift apps 23.07.1
timidity apps 2.15.0-r6+4
tinyxml2 libs 9.0.0-r1
tix libs 8.4.3-r4
tk apps 8.6.13
tmux apps 3.3a-r1
tokodon apps 23.08.3
tomsfastmath libs 0.13.1-r1+1
tooth apps 9999
tophat apps 9999
tor apps
transfig apps 3.2.5e-r1
transmission apps 4.0.3-r1+1
tre libs 0.8.0_p20210321-r3+1
tree apps 2.1.1
tree-sitter libs 0.20.8
twisted libs 23.8.0
twolame apps 0.4.0+2
udis86 libs 1.7.2-r1+2
ufw apps 0.36.1+2
umbrello apps 23.08.3
upplay apps 1.6.6
usbmuxd apps 1.1.1
uthash libs 2.3.0
v4l-utils apps 1.22.1-r1+2
valgrind apps 3.21.0-r1
vamp-plugin-sdk libs 2.10+2
vc libs 1.4.3
vcdimager apps 2.0.1+3
vdf libs 3.4-r1+1
vdr apps 2.6.4+4
video-trimmer apps 0.8.0+16
visual-regexp apps 3.1
vivaldi apps 6.4.3160.42
vkeybd apps 0.1.18d
vscodium apps
w_scan apps 20170107
wacomtablet apps 3.2.0-r3
warmux apps 11.04.1-r2+1
warp apps 0.5.4
warzone2100 apps 4.4.0-r1
wavemon apps 0.9.3-r1
wcslib libs 7.12
websocketpp libs 0.8.2+1
weechat apps 4.0.4
wine-staging apps 8.21
worker apps 4.6.1-r100+1
wqy-microhei fonts 0.2.0_beta-r1
wqy-zenhei fonts 0.9.46
wxGTK libs
wxGTK-3_0-gtk3 libs
wxhexeditor apps 0.24-r1+3
wxpython libs 4.2.1
x2goclient apps
x2goserver apps
xaos apps 4.2.1_p20210828
xemacs apps 21.5.35
xerces-c libs 3.2.4-r2
xine-lib libs 1.2.13-r2+3
xli apps 1.17.0-r6
xmahjongg apps 3.7-r2
xmlsec libs 1.3.1
xmms2 apps 0.9.3-r1
xournal apps
xpad apps 5.8.0-r1+1
xsane apps 0.999-r5
xsensors apps 0.80
xwininfo libs 1.1.6
yamllint apps 1.32.0
yoshimi apps 2.3.0+2
zathura apps 0.5.2-r4
zeroconf libs 0.119.0
zimg libs 3.0.4
zoom apps
zsh apps 5.9-r4
zstandard libs 0.21.0
zynaddsubfx apps 3.0.6-r1